Mar 25

Making a Game: Part II.5

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Okay so I think I have my physical mechanic. Basically, you have a strain gauge. Bigger, flashier moves put more strain on the mech(which heals slowly over time). In addition, repetitive use of actions(even on low-strain actions) will result in strain on the mech, like during weight-training. Then in between rounds, the strain heals.

This works well with an action-unlock system, where investing in skill trees unlock new actions to use. It also allows the player to choose to take the trade-off, of the big action, whether to save themselves, or to finish the fight, while simultaneously not overly punishing them for choosing to do so. That is the issue with mana-based magic systems coupled with no-cost physical actions. It made players conserve their mana until the dungeon boss. Meanwhile, this system allows for players to balance the choice and risk, without a major long-lasting cost.

I would like to have somethings that could only be used once every five rounds or so, maybe, like 4e’s daily attacks.

What do you think?


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  1. Anthony Aziz March 26th, 2010 5:32 am

    I like. For that only once-in-a-while thing, you could have expendable items/lists, that don’t regenerate and need to be manually filled up.

    I’d say something like a fuel. Perhaps if you’re incorporating some kind of fantasy element, signature moves and super-attacks would use some kind of auxiliary source. Power crystals, spirit fuel, cats, who knows?

    You could even have two types. One that’s cheap, possibly regens, and is used for smaller magic attacks, and rare expendable items that are user for large attacks, perhaps it takes 24 hours in-game time to collect it’s magically power back?

    Regarding facings being damaged, I’m wondering what you were going to have that effect. Would side facing damage weapons, etc?

    Otherwise you could take one damage meter, and use different armour value for the different sides (similar to Warhammer 40,000′s armour system). Front armour is usually the highest, side is a bit lower (or same as front), but usually the rear armour is weak. It’s never a smart idea to keep you back to your enemy, after all.

    It would be cool to see a combination of this. Damage on the side would damage that side’s equipment, etc, and some core damage.

    Keep posting more!

  2. Zeroth March 26th, 2010 6:32 am

    Hmm, I was thinking of doing that for the magic stuff, having little pods of power, which regenerate over time, in addition to a magical circuit system.

    Basically some stuff when you activate it puts a huge load on the circuit, meaning you can’t use anything else, much like an electric motor.

    Then in addition to that, I was considering magical “capacitors”, that would be the “pods” of energy for special-duper stuff. Basically, you’d have a certain “regen” rate, and the power would use up enough pods that it would take 24 hours game-time to get them back, so it would vary depending on your regen rate.

  3. Zeroth March 26th, 2010 8:45 am

    And yes, side-facing damage would damage weapons as well. I’m considering differential health for each facing, and have to thinking about it. So you can attack their front, and disable their weapon(if they use blocks) or their torso if they use dodges.

    My current thinking on differential health-facings is that the health of each facing is affected by what you slot in. So you could have a fairly robust back, but that will cost you weight and energy.

    Each side will be separate, and depending on the damage, will bleed-through damage to the core. This could be represented by an icon in the HUD, that has meters on each facing, and then a meter in the center, representing core damage.

    What I’m currently debating is square-tiles or hex-tiles.